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Advance Java Programming

What you�ll learn

  • How to write Java Programs from scratch and enjoy every second of process
  • Go from nowhere to everywhere in writing industry ready Java programs
  • Gain good wealth of experience to pass a core Java Programming interview and do well at you work
  • Prepared for Java Certification Exam
  • Why should you learn Java ? ,Which Version Of Java?,Installing JDK 11 on Windows,Netbeans installation
  • Variables, Datatypes and Operators
  • What Are Variables? ,Getting To Know Primitive Data Types - The Byte, Short, Int And Long , Know Primitive Data Types - Float And Double ,study Strings And Finishing Up Primitive Data Types, Operators In Java
  • start coding in Java
  • First Java Program using Netbeans ,Second sample program ,Reading values from keyboard using Scanner class object - Part 1 ,Reading values from keyboard using Scanner class object - Part 2
  • Control Statements
  • If,if else, else-if,Loops,At least 10 challenging questions using control flow statements
  • A Quick tour to Arrays in Java
  • Array declaration in Java ,Initialising elements of single dimensional arrays ,Double dimensional arrays in Java ,Double dimensional arrays with different number of columns
  • OOP Part 1 - Classes, Constructors and Inheritance
  • Introduction ,Practical coding of classes and objects Part 1,Practical coding of classes and objects Part 2,Constructors - Part 1 (+Challenge Exercise),Constructors - Part 2 (+Challenge Exercise),Constructor overloading ,Inheritance
  • this keyword
  • Method Overloading vs Overriding Recap,Static vs Instance Methods,Static vs Instance Variables
  • Java Packages
  • Packages in Java ,Access specifiers (Visibility modes) in Java ,Working in different packages ,usage of import keyword of Java ,Understanding default and private members practically
  • Inner and Abstract Classes & Interfaces
  • Interfaces ,Interfaces Challenge and practical implementation,Inner classes,Abstract classes and practical implementation,Interface vs Abstract Class
  • Exception Handling
    Strings in Java
    File Read/Write operations
    Basics of Databases and MySql(All type of DDL AND DML Queries).










Java Training in Zirakpur

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What is Java Programming?

The Java programming language was established by Sun Microsystems in the early 1990s. Although widely used for Internet applications, Java is a simple, effective, and widely used language. Java was commonly created for embedded network applications running on multiple platforms. Portable, object-oriented, translated language. Java is overpowered. The same Java program will work the same way on any computer, except for hardware features or operating system, as long as it has a Java interpreter. Apart from portability, another major advantage of Java is its set of security features that protect the PC using the Java system not only for problems caused by malicious code but also for malicious programs (such as viruses). Applet is usually a small Java application embedded within an HTML page.

What is Java Programming used for?

Java is the language of the most popular program. Java's security feature makes it popular and widely used. It is used by many Java lovers for a variety of purposes. By using Java, we can create a wide variety of apps such as business apps, network applications, desktop apps, web apps, games, Android apps, and much more. In this section, we will look at what Java is used for, the use of Java, and why we use Java.

Do I learn c++ or c before starting with java programming?

If you want to become a good Java programmer then you must have knowledge of C because it is our native language without C you will not be able to learn Java completely and also, directly learning Java is a very difficult subject without its lower language go to c.

C is the foundation of languages, with its prototype C++ being derived and similar to Java from C++.

Java is based on C++, so learning Java becomes easy if you know how it works. So if you want to learn C++ first (or after learning Java), you have to be comfortable using objects. Many people are not comfortable with this, as the procedural tasks are much simpler. If you move into a procedural language, whether it's only procedural (like C) or one that allows both (like Python), dealing with non-classes may be a problem for you.

Can I start java programming without C or C++?

After learning the basics of computer science, you'll be ready to learn a programming language. Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language that is platform independent and can be run on any mobile, web or desktop application.

It is theoretically true that with hard work, effort and the right direction one can become an expert in Java programming. But practically it will help if you know one or two main programming languages to easily understand the jargon. If you have prior knowledge of C language and concepts, then learning Java becomes easy.

How do I start programming in java?

Java is one of the most simple and popular programming languages. It is known for its productivity, readability and excellent performance. Java language can be best learned by following the following three points -

  1. Learn the basics well. Why learn Java, its fundamentals, from OOPS concepts to advanced concepts like streams, multithreading and concurrency etc. Also write your first program practicing clean coding principles, it will help in the long run.
  2. With Jаvа соnсeрts, stаrt dоing соmрetitive programming using Java. You will get better with the problem solving and reasoning part. Practice is the key.
  3. Knowing the data structures and algorithms will surely make you ahead of your peers. This is most important for the interview as well.

Is Java used today?

Yes, JAVA is still used today. Java is doing great. Mоre thаn 90% оf Fоrtune 500 соmраnies use this lаnguаge, аnd the TIOBE index nаmes Jаvа the mоst рорulаr рrоgrаmming lаnguаge in the wоrld. The Jаvа lаnguаge is evоlving tо keeр расe with teсhnоlоgiсаl innоvаtiоns аnd sоftwаre develорment trends. It is commonly used in various areas of software development, including web and mobile development, and trending technologies such as big data, IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

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