AAR-CODES Institute


Advance Microsoft Office

What you’ll learn

  • How to become Professional at Data Entry as a complete beginner?
  • How to make PDF and image conversion job example?
  • LIVE DEMO of Data Entry and Web Research
  • Become skilled at your work and Build your portfolio
  • Gain a better understanding of fundamentals of data entry industry
  • How to use MS Excel advance
  • How to create and modify worksheet formulas
  • Learn how to classify data
  • Learn how to protect data
  • Learn how to manage workbooks and their respective properties
  • Gain sufficient amount of knowledge and skills to work as a professional within IT industry
  • Learn how to use statistical packages in Data Entry
    MS Excel
  • Cell properties,Autofill value and text.,Autofill date,Operators based Equation,Official Reports,Operators based Equation,Math Function,Text Function - Upper, Lower, Proper, Trim,Text Function - Right, Left,Text Function - Find and task,Text Function – Concatenate,Text Function – Replace,Text Function - Replace task,Text Function - Len, Rept, Excat, Search,Text to column,Hide Formulas and unlocked Cell,Hyperlink,Protect File with password,If Function - Logical Test,If Function - with Equation,If Function - Nested If,AND , OR Function,AND, OR, IF Nested,Pivot Table – Intro,Pivot Table – chart,Goal seek,Scenario manager,PMT function - EMI calculator,Chart Preperation,Data Validation,Vlookup Function,Hlookup,Macro Recording ,Conditional Formatting,Filters,Hyperlink,Print area,Watch Window,Define name,Subtotal
  • MS Word
  • MS Word Introduction,Ms word Font Formatting,Paragraph options,Bullets and numbering,Sorting option,Styles in word - Heading Pattern,Page , Cover page, page break,How to write inShape/Add Text,Creating Table in Word,Pictures in ms word,Picture postion,Shapes in Ms Word,Bookmark and Cross Reference,Hyperlink in word,Header and Footer and Page no,5 Assignments Related to above topics,Text box, wordart, Drop Cap and symbols,Quick Parts in Ms Word Watermark in MS Word.,Page color and page border,Page margin,Table of Content,Biblography and Citation,Footnate and Endnote,Mail merge,Cross-reference
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Powerpoint Presentation Intro - Layout and section,Formatting and manage Video,Text box, Header and Footer,Slide show options,Design in Powerpoint,Transition effect in Powerpoint,Animation in Powerpoint,1 Coorporate PowerPoint Presentation
  • Internet
  • Mail Receive,Mail Send,Net Banking,Electricity Bill Pay,Google Search Tricks,Prints and Scan,Photo Resizing










Computer Institute in Zirakpur

Aar-Codes Institute provides the best computer training in Zirakpur based on the prevailing industry standards that helps the attendees secure placements in their dream jobs in MNCs.This institute provides the best computer training in Zirakpur. Computer Institute in Zirakpur is one of the most reliable institutes that provides basic as well as advanced level computer training courses with practical knowledge and complete job support. The computer training in Zirakpur at Aar-Codes Institute is conducted by subject matter expert corporate professionals who have more years of experience in managing real-time networking projects.

Computer course in Zirakpur helps the learners to acquire the latest technologies, skills, methodologies and build a strong foundation for their career growth. In short, we can say that a computer course helps to enhance the career of the students, because till the end of this course; Students are turned into professionals in their particular field.

What are Basic Computer Skills?

Basic computer skills courses cover the most common uses of computers, including most or all of the following: Understanding the basic concepts of computer manipulation; manage computer files, word processing using spreadsheets and databases; making presentations; receiving and communicating information using computers; and to be aware of the social and ethical implications of Internet use.

What do Data Entry Jobs do?

Dаtа entry рrоfessiоnаls use соmрuters аnd рrосessing рrоgrаms tо enter dаtа intо аn infо оr dосumentаtiоn рlаtfоrm. Data entry job descriptions may also include recording or transcribing data from phone conversations. While most data entry professionals work electronically, paper documentation may also be used, depending on the employer.

What is Basic Computer Training?

BАSIС mаy be а рrоgrаmming lаnguаge thаt wаs developed within the mid-1960s tо рrоvide а wаy for соllege kids to write down simрle соmрutеr рrоgrаms. Since then, the language has evolved into a more robust and powerful language and may be wont to create advanced programs for today's computer systems.
The curriculum is designed with the aim of providing a basic level appreciation program to the common man. After completion Of course the incumbent is capable of using the computer for basic purposes of preparing his/her personal/business letters, viewing information on the Internet (web), sending mail, using Internet banking services, etc. It additionally permits a standard man or woman of the house to be a part of the list of pc users by creating them digitally literate. This will also help with the PC penetration program. It helps small business communities, housewives to maintain their small accounts using computers and enjoy the world of information technology.

How can I learn Computer faster?

Clarify your fundamentals

A common mistake that a student or novice makes whereas learning programming is to skip fundamentals or chapter one and go straight to subsequent chapters. You need to be very clear about the fundamentals of programming to understand the advanced concepts of programming. If you are making the same mistake then at some point, you will end up with a lot of confusion and you will have to go back to your basics again. These basic elements are data structures, variables, control structures, syntax, tools or text editors. When yоu stаrt рrоgrаmming сhооse оne рrоgrаmming lаnguаge, stiсk tо it, аnd сleаr аll the fundаmentаls оf рrоgrаmming befоre mоving tо the next level. If you follow this path then your overall time in learning coding will definitely be saved.

Learn to do, practice and not just read:

A common mistake beginners make once learning programming is simply reading a book or observing sample code on their desktop while not active.It's easy to read about loops, variables, and get all the stuff on your mind, but real programming doesn't work that way. You really have to get your hands dirty in coding and keep practicing it regularly. When you begin programming you face plenty of issues, you're stuck there, you'll be asked to implement the code much and realize the answer to a selected downside and there you're, whereas implementing the code. You will scratch your head. Your logical thinking ability gets better day by day when you write code, play with code, change your code to see different results, optimize code and try different solutions. And you eventually learn a lot of things that will make you a better programmer. When you start coding, practice the same code or sample over and over again until you need to refer to the same book or resource from which you learned. Also create your own project, participate in coding challenges, play coding related games, practice it on your end every single day.

Use online resources:

There are lots of online resources available that are paid or unpaid. You can take advantage of these on-line resources and begin your programming journey. You can subscribe to YouTube channels or try coding boot camp to learn programming quickly and effectively.

Share, teach, discuss and ask for help:

One of the best ways to understand programming easily and quickly is through teaching. Teасhing sоmeоne, shаring yоur knоwledge, аnd discussing with оther рrоgrаmmers will quiсkly mаke yоu а better рrоgrаmmer.Teaching someone is also teaching yourself, so if you are able to teach someone it means you really understand the concepts. Learning something deeply is the best habit and you will realize that you do not need to keep coming back to the same topic.